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Our all-inclusive Montessori Teachers Training Course will help you become a skilled educator.

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International diploma in Montessori Teachers Training Course

Learn the Montessori methods of education with which you will become an expert guide for children at schools. With our comprehensive modules, the course will help you to become an efficient teacher.

about the course

The Montessori Teachers Training course comprises the methods of Education formulated by Dr Maria Montessori. Based on scientific observations, it is a Child Centred Educational Approach for growth and development. According to Dr Maria Montessori, children learn from the surrounding environment and for which she has postulated theories and techniques aimed at learning from the environment. Dr Maria Montessori suggests learning itself is a ‘self-directed’ process and is based on the basic concepts of human nature. Children are self-sufficient learners but they require the support of their parents so that they can learn and survive in the harsh environment. The Montessori Teachers Training Course gives freedom to a child to learn things his or her way. It also helps the child in learning new things independently. In the Montessori Method of Education, you as a teacher will guide the children to explore the world and themselves and this will be based on their own interests. You will also develop independence in the classroom along with discipline. As you progress through the course you will learn about the methods in details.

course duration

The duration of the course is 240 hours and covers a period of 12 months. You can also finish the course in a shorter amount of time. You can contact our Admission Department to know more about it.

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eligibility criteria

The minimum criterion is 10 + 2 or Higher Secondary to join this course.

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