In all schools teacher quality is the most inevitable asset for the growth of the school educational standards as well as students all round education as teachers influence on student involvement and accomplishment. So International Training Academy aims to upgrade teachers’ effectiveness improving teacher skills and enhancing their capabilities. Our courses provide the best method of improving teacher performance and teacher preparation. ITA also trains teachers by providing practical teaching experience, as a part of our course. International Training Academy produces efficient and effective teachers.

Online Training

Teaching and learning have transformed a lot with changes of the century.Teaching has eventually modified.

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Online Training

Teaching and learning have transformed a lot with changes of the century.Teaching has eventually modified into a sought- after profession offering the best potential for a promising career. The education world is ever changing and the teachers are constantly confronted with the challenges of the new, innovative classrooms. Traditional teaching has taken a backseat making way for new age teaching. Transformation in educational methods are showing ways to different changes in the role of teachers who are expected to bring new intuitiveness into teaching. Online education of International teachers Training Academy is designing online teacher training courses to bring modern and innovative techniques to equip the new age early childhood educators with the skills which are time appropriate and child oriented.

Internationally Certified

Traditional classrooms are being switched with modern International learning techniques and teaching aspirants are being trained

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Internationally Certified

Traditional classrooms are being switched with modern International learning techniques and teaching aspirants are being trained in globally acclaimed and certified educational courses to meet the needs of the young learners so that they can easily fit into these Internationally approved learning spaces. Globalization has brought substitution for traditional classrooms and those who are planning to take a step forward into the world of teaching especially pre & primary teaching are taking a diverse route and eyeing professional programs to acquire the knowledge and the skills to face future classrooms with confidence. The awaiting teachers are not anymore restricted to their nearby locations when it comes to choosing teacher training courses. They are exploring various channels and opting for online classes to get certified. Technologically advanced learning courses like International Teachers Training Academy is literally available at the click of a mouse.

Inclass Training

The regular/in-class courses will be done for the acquisition of getting benefits like more certificate value, accelerated chances of getting job

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Inclass Training

The regular / in-class courses will be done for the acquisition of getting benefits like more certificate value, accelerated chances of getting jobs, and better pay scales. The course duration will vary according to the courses. Nevertheless, International Teachers Training Academy offers courses, through our regular / in-class mode,which can be completed at any time within six months to one year period from the date of enrollment.

Through our regular/in-class teacher training courses, we aim to prepare future effective educators of high class standards, on a regular basis, who are capable of proving their worth as teachers worldwide in eminent schools and institutions.

Skilled Trainers

International Teachers Training Academy has experienced, expert and dedicated panel of course trainers .

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Skilled Trainers

International Teachers Training Academy has experienced, expert and dedicated panel of course trainers who try to ease out every step of the students. They work relentlessly, keep on elevating the curriculum to meet the changing dynamic demands in the space of pre-school education and to bring out the best in every trainee. The International Teachers Training Academy is proud to have trainers who have years of experience in teaching and training, highly qualified in educational field and are keen to upgrade the education system, by creating well equipped with new teaching and learning techniques, skilled, innovative, new age teachers who will play a vital role in modifying the future generation backbone.

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OUR Main Courses

Conquer Your Teaching Career, with ITA Courses.

Pre & Primary
Teachers Training Course

The Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training Course is a complete teacher training course for those who are eager to teach in pre and primary schools. The Diploma course offered in both Online and Distance modes focuses on Teaching with a complete importance on young learners. The candidates can pursue the course from any part of the world without disturbing the present commitments or worrying about the daily travelling. The course is flexible enough to allow the candidates to learn at their own pace ..... Read More


Post Graduate Diploma in Pre &
Primary Teachers Training Course

Recently, there is rapid demand growth for qualified members to work with young children, in pre-primary schools. Not all pre-primary schools, are facilitated by trained teachers who know the best ways to incorporate learning in young children. This post graduate diploma in pre & primary teachers training course is constructed to abridge the gap between the accessible and in demand competencies in this field. It equips teachers with the knowledge of various teaching aids and classroom management......Read More


Teachers Training Course

Dr. Montessori’s goal was to nurture the all-round development of the human being. A teacher training course that takes forward a tradition that inculcates the standards based directly on Dr. Montessori’s work, is the perfect course for helping those who want to teach and also to those who want to upgrade themselves as teachers already working in Montessori schools.Today, International Teachers Training Academy .......Read More


Educational leadership
Administration & Management

If you are searching for a role to play getting familiar in educational administration and management, then you need to have a good understanding of the duties and responsibilities of administrative officials and managers in educational organizations. Diploma in Educational Leadership, Administration and Management course offered by International Teachers Training Academy is a thorough study emphasizing on crucial components like leadership and management......Read More


Advanced Diploma
In Pre & Primary Teachers Training

This course enhances the pre & primary teachers to conduct classes more effectively. It will take the teacher through various kinds of activities and play way method of teaching which is globally accepted and followed.

Along with this advanced course of pre & primary teachers training, International Teachers Training Academy is also offering language enrichment and classroom material management along with the advanced course .......Read More


Certificate / Specialization Courses

1 .Teaching English Grammar

2 .Language Enrichment

3 .Classroom and Behaviour Management

4 .Classroom Material Development

5 .Educational Leadership

6 .School Administration & Management

7 .Montessori Teaching......Read More

For More Details Kindly Contact Us at +919874446786 or Email Us at : ita.contactus@gmail.com | admin@montessori-teacherstraining.com


Our Association & Membership


International Association
For Distance Learning

The International Association for Distance Learning is an independent and voluntary association of open, distance, and online course-providers and does not offer its own learning programmes.


Association for Early Childhood
Education & Development

We are honored to be acclaimed by The Association for Early Childhood Education & Development (AECED).
Learning and teaching should go hand in hand and not stand apart; through an active, reciprocal exchange, teaching can strengthen learning how to learn. AECED wishes all teacher training institutes to be inspired with a collective promise to bettering childhoods, one step at a time! AECED has broadened its area to include right based approach as well as a larger outreach to parents, children, functionaries and other stakeholders in early childhood education in order to provide for holistic child development.


International Montessori Society

International Teachers Training Academy is proud to gain Associate School membership from the International Montessori Society. The International Montessori Accreditation Council has accredited the Pre & Primary Teachers Training program by ATI with Specialization in Teaching English. Apart from teacher training certification, the pre-primary teachers need to cultivate certain characteristic traits if they want to taste success abroad. IMS believes that the teachers need to understand the needs of the students especially if they hail from a different culture. It is the duty of the teacher to immediately throw his/her students into a comfort zone. A pleasant smile and a warm personality work wonders among the students and they slowly get inclined to take interest in the lessons taught in the class. Learning the names of the students, understanding their pace of learning and dealing with them patiently will help the teachers to meet their goals.


Cambridge English Teacher

The college of teachers, also have approved our courses of teachers training. It showcases the harmony that one set of standards can be exemplified within a subject context, and within a phase of specific context. Working closely as part of The College of Teachers partnership proposal, we have outlined subject matters against the proposed standards, showing that a teacher can clearly retain their subject identity. We have also graphed other accreditations and quality marks, to ensure we consider all teachers across all stages and the organizations that they identify with. We are at a really exciting time with the College of Teaching – yes, there are lots of changes and unknowns but with that we have opportunities.


The College Of Teachers

International Teachers Training Academy is declaring with pride that we are approved by the Globally famous Cambridge English Teacher.Thousands of teachers worldwide use Cambridge English Teacher to improve their teaching and share a connection with each other every day. Those who want to be a teacher or those who are already teachers who want to enhance their teaching join the professional membership that supports your career.

Skilled Trainers


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