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Certification In English

Certification In English Teaching Grammar


About The Course


Acquisition of a proper knowledge in English plays a crucial part in improving an educator‘s teaching skill. Making grammatical errors while speaking in English can be an impediment in the path of teaching. A teacher who essays the pivotal role in providing instruction to children might find it difficult, to play the role effectively without the required expertise in the English Language and Grammar. Apart from this, the teacher whose role is that of a guide to children, might lose confidence if encountered with obstacles while speaking English .As teachers are perceived as role models by children, the probability of children picking up English with wrong Grammar, can mar the prospect of a teacher’s reputation and career. The internationally accepted Certified Course in Training Grammar is indispensible for those who want to take up teaching as profession as well as it will help those who are in service teachers to bring about betterment in English Grammar. English Grammar involves the sound, structure and meaning of English language .Our internationally recognized course will help you to have a better understanding of Verbs, Direct ,Indirect Speech, Figures Of Speech. So this course will be beneficial for you as it will enhance your confidence and enable you to speak grammatically correct English clearly.





Minimum 10 + 2



Course Duration


The globally accepted course is of 60 hours in duration which covers a period of 3 months. The course which has an international accreditation is a flexible one , providing candidates the scope to finish it in a brief period of time. For further guidance please get in touch with our admission department.




Course Fee


Certification in Teaching Grammar fee is Rs 8,000 for online mode (160 USD for International students.)