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Certification in Classroom Material Development

Certification in Classroom Material Development


About The Course


Classroom Material Development offered by internationally approved International Teachers Training Academy is an all-inclusive course on accumulation of materials in one place. Materials do not simply suggest flash cards or charts - but a varied resource materials, which includes using technology – materials or information that can be used in creating projects in EVS and English - Science hands on activities among other things. These come very handy for teachers as the always demanding school curriculum including innovative ideas and projects for its exhibition and subject oriented days (like science day/ art exhibitions etc.).The ideas are all very simple, cost effective and an endeavor to use re-cycled, waste everyday materials commonly found. The importance of the course is that it compiles the materials in one place - thus saving time to search for effective ideas on the internet or from other sources. This course will be immensely helpful for both aspiring as well as active teachers as this course focuses on areas that will make learning effective and teaching memorable.
As teachers, it is so important to have adequate supplies of resources to draw upon for modification in classroom contexts. In this course it guides teachers, who are loaded with application of the concepts learned throughout the specialization, to create their own toolbox designed with the knowledge of effective teaching aids.





Minimum 10 + 2



Course Duration


The globally accepted course is of 60 hours in duration which covers a period of 3 months. The course which has an international accreditation is a flexible one , providing candidates the scope to finish it in a brief period of time. For further guidance please get in touch with our admission department.




Course Fee


Certification in Classroom Material Development fee is Rs 8,000 for online mode (160 USD for International students.)