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Institute of International Teachers Training is looking to develop a connection with people who are passionate about the growing education sector. The organization wishes to reach out to women entrepreneurs to be a part of our organization by becoming our Educational Learning Partner (ELP). At present, the education sector is developing and you can expect good returns. At IITT we will also guide and support the women entrepreneurs so that they can expand their business. If you are an individual, or a part of an organization willing to start a business in the education sector, or a school administrator willing to open your own school, being our partner will be the best decision that you have taken. Along with our support from IITT, you can also combine your own entrepreneurial skills and practices so as to develop your business exponentially.

women Entrepreneurship

In the current years, India is experiencing a huge rise in Women Entrepreneurship. In the last three decades, businesses run by women have slowly surged and are constantly surging. Today women are initiating startups or taking up franchisees especially in the education sector. As more and more women entrepreneurs are getting into businesses, the scope of employment generation for both women and men are also increasing. The features that the women entrepreneurs possess are:  Creative mindset  Hard working  Consistency and persistence  Risk-taking capabilities  Profit-maximizing mindset Recent studies and data analyses have concluded that women constitute more than 50% of the total population and are contributors to more than 50% of the GDP growth through startups and self-operated businesses. Women entrepreneurs in India understand the need of the customers and are efficient in building and maintaining business relationships. All of these factors contribute to the growth of the business.

The Pre & Primary Segment

In 2015 the value of the franchise business for Pre & Primary segment was 2.21 billion. From it, the contribution of the branded segment was assumed to contribute 33.83% to the schooling scenario in India. The Pre & Primary teaching sector was expected to grow from USD 0.75 in 2011 to USD 3.24 billion in 2017 at a CAGR of 26% leading to a surge in the educational business sector in India. With passing days there is substantial growth in the pre & primary school segment and this is mainly on the 2 and 3 tier cities. The segment has observed a 25% rise in 2015 and has resulted in a huge demand for quality certified teachers.

How we support our partners ?

As IITT’s Educational Learning Partner, you will get our support in the technical and strategic areas to expand your organization along with brand identity. We will also handle the hiring of trainers for your centre since you will be getting the complete academic support from our Head Office. Other than these you will get the guidance from us to accelerate your marketing through marketing and sales. At IITT we plan to work together with our ELPs to ensure a profit. The flexibility of this franchise model will help both of us to grow and develop by delivering the best quality education for the students.

demand of women Entrepreneurship

The world requires more and more women entrepreneurs. Women are strong beings and possess the ability to sustain difficulties in business and in their personal lives. Since they are extremely good at multitasking they excel in businesses. If we notice, we can see a lot of businesses of gargantuan heights being controlled by women. As creative beings with strong intellect and intelligence, women entrepreneurs can turn a business into a profitable one. Therefore, we have initiated this campaign where we present you, the powerful woman with the opportunity to be a part of us by becoming our Educational Learning Partner. At IITT we want a win-win scenario in terms of profit and as a woman entrepreneur, you can expect the franchise to grow over time with the necessary resources delivered by both of us.

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